My experience with Marcel van der Vlugt

“When I launched my own company into the world, I had these big ideas for commercial productions to make the whole world (okay, maybe just the people in the Netherlands) know about my product. So very soon, I went on a search for the right company that could help me with this. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done. I guess it is easy, when you do not have a very specific idea and you just pick the company that suits your situation best. But I was indeed very picky and I wanted to do it just right. This is why I was very happy when I came across the following people:

Both Marcel van der Vlugt and Arno Dierickx work for a company called Caramel Pictures. And as you can imagine by the name of the company they make pictures here. But not only of caramel! They make tabletop and commercial productions. And let me tell you, they make amazing art pieces here! When I came across Marcel van der Vlugt and Arno Dierickx at first I had no idea what to expect. Because I met them in person the first time around, I knew they were very nice guys who seem to know what they were talking about, but that was as far as my knowledge went at that moment. I was, however, very intrigued and I definitely wanted to know more about them and their work.

The work of Arno Dierickx

Shortly after meeting both Marcel van der Vlugt and Arno Dierickx I went to the website of their company, Caramel Pictures. I discovered here that they have an amazing studio where they can provide you with everything that you need in this area of expertise. Of course, I have been to that specific studio by now, and I can indeed tell you that it is absolutely astonishing. I am very surprised that not more people and companies work together with Marcel van der Vlugt and Arno Dierickx, or one of their colleagues. They have a team of amazing people here that make beautiful productions. I myself could not have been happier with the end result of my production. I was also very impressed by the way they handle things here. When I contacted them about the production I had in mind, they were very open, but also told me their ideas and how to make it even better. In the end that is what made it such an amazing experience.

Contact them today

At Caramel Pictures they work both with big companies and very small companies. As long as they can provide you with what you need, they will help you out. This is one of the reasons why I love this company and the people that work there so much. They are really there for you. They do not have a standard way of working here and you notice that in everything. It is all very personal and they help you out in the best way possible. I could not have made my commercial without them. I am very impressed by the way they work and I can tell that they put every bit of effort that they have into their work. If this is also what you are looking for. Make yourself known to this company. Visit their website and contact them! They will be more than happy to talk to you and explain what they can do for you.”

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